We'll Get You to the Finish Line

This service is what we consider to be the feather in our cap. We provide high quality support for athletes performing in ultramarathon races or supported FKT adventures. This is a customized plan to meet the needs and goals of whatever adventure you have planned.  At Big Things Crewing, we have collectively spent decades running ultras, climbing mountains and successfully helping others with the same goals.  We know how to get you to that finish line, no matter what!

Custom Race Plans

Why customized?  Everyone’s race and needs are going to be different.  Are you flying in from out of state?  What are your goals?  Will you have other crew members?  Or are we just trying to get you from A to B as fast as humanly possible?  We can work with just about anything you’ve got for us but each situation will be slightly different.  Chat with one of our experienced crew members to help plan your next adventure.  We’ll get you to the finish line with video footage and pictures to document the whole adventure.

(Plus travel expenses)

Pacer starting as low as $10/mile
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